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Finding a Great MTN Data Plan for Phone and Computer

MTN data plans provide a Specific amount of information on a tariff plan basis.
Over time MTN data plans are less expensive now in comparison to previous years. Some of the most recent MTN data plans have added data services available. The new plans include instructions on how to manually configure MTN internet settings along with the way to stop auto-renewal of all MTN data.
MTN has made the choice to stop using Blackberry data plans and can no longer operate on Blackberry devices.

What Devices Support MTN Information Plans?

MTN plans are compatible Using PC, Smartphones, and Tablets keeping in mind that MTN data service no longer works on any Blackberry devices.

Available MTN Data Plans

MTN data plans can be Categorized into two options. 1. Standard data plans and 2. Social media plans. Standard data plans have daily, weekly, and monthly purchasing options. Social media data plans are only available for weekly or monthly buy. MTN branded their social media data plan package "Goody Bag Social" and will be the very desirable by customers.

What Can You Access With MTN Goody Bag Social Data Plan

Comparable to most ISPs Available in Nigeria MTN subscriptions will only allow access to a number of the popular social networks. Subscribers with MTN Goody Bag Social gain access to social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Nimbuzz, WeChat, 2GO, Whatsapp, and Eskini by texting a code that coincides with specific MTN data plans.

How Much Does MTN Goody Bag Social Data Plans Cost?

It's important to pick How much data will be used before selecting a Plan. For a single week of information in 750MB it costs ₦500. Monthly subscriptions can be purchased based on how much information will be used. Once the specific amount of data is used, the service stops and more information will have to be purchased.

MTN Monthly Data Plan Chart:

MTN Data amount Price Days Valid

1.5GB ₦1,000 30

3.5GB ₦2,000 30

10GB ₦5,000 30

22GB ₦10,000 30

50GB ₦20,000 60

85GB ₦50,000 90

Special Plans Available

MTN Plus tariff plans Offer an option that is best used for people who are awake at night. MTN special data plan can only be utilized during the nighttime hours. The price for this option is ₦25 for 500MB of data.

The Way to subscribe to MTN Data Plans

To subscribe to MTN data Plans, assess data balances, and availability simply text 2 to 131. You can also dial *131# to gain access codes for any MTN data plan offers.

Works Cited

Adedapo Olatunde. MTN Data Plans, Subscriptions Codes and Related Services [Internet] 2017 [Cited 2 Dec 2017] Available from: https://howtotechnaija.com/mtn-data-plan . Further Information Airtel internet package.